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fake louis vuitton belt There is no doubt 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0  
Companies in good condition, can spend profit to emphasize its social responsibility in times of trouble. Three, eliminate social injustice, and improve the people treatment, is the essence of the. Society don't points on the 369, really just have different division of labor, without equal. Income, in pay attention to efficiency at the same time, also pay attention to social fairness and equality of the people. The government not to compete with the people.
Don't under the motivation of eliminating social injustice, create new social inequality (such as institution endowment insurance system reform, enterprise employees is little bastard, in the ninety s, it became the victim of the reform; now it is up to business unit worker, equal ErNian raise, will ultimately become the reform cost). Results in the development of enterprises on the one hand, used for the development of the enterprise itself, on the one hand, pay taxes, maintain the state machine, the development of public welfare undertakings, on the other hand, people should also enjoy dividend - this part is used to improve the development of the enterprise salary of civilians. I think, if the state practices the system of tax cuts, then its priority should also be in this!
I see racing accident case: maintaining the authority of law is more important than personal fate Ding Dong article on May 7, 2009, 05 minutes or 20, the age of 25, hangzhou citizens tan zhuo was killed by a hurricane of flying, replica louis vuitton belts mitsubishi, tongde hospital in zhejiang province after death. A rich young man took the road when the F1 tracks, innocent passers-by knocked up 5 meters high posts to make this event has quickly become one of hotspot.
The public are in memory of the dead, innocent denouncing those Hu Mou. More netizens launched the human flesh search operations, including Hu Mou and its parents name, occupation, family address, phone number and related information of the electricity, the exposure. The police reaction is obviously disappointing, the traffic police department held a news conference on May 8, the speed of 70 km, racing just folk belief alleged perpetrators perfect words, deepened the netizen discontent and anger.
In this accident, the perpetrator of the rich young man identity, regardless of others' life behavior, accident spot illegal street racing cold-blooded manifestation of his companions, who repeatedly speeding Buy failed to stop his illegal behavior, and on behalf of the government negative attitude of dealing with accidents, the traffic department are suffering from public questioning and criticism, angry netizens even launched a human flesh search.
An ordinary traffic accident because of the perpetrators and victims of special identity, more because people actively involved in the rapidly evolving to a public event, received extensive attention of public opinion and the test of public opinion. Appear constantly in the network irrational speech and drama, the perpetrator to victims in life death speech also not rare. fake louis vuitton belt There is no doubt that the perpetrators man, despised life, as well as the illegal street racing and public moral torture, which shall also be around to strengthen citizen moral consciousness, cheap louis vuitton belts respect other people awareness and law-abiding awareness put forward corresponding countermeasures, in order to improve the social atmosphere and social order of our country.
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