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cheap louis vuitton belts can immediately 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0  
Mr Roh suicide, before and after South Korea judicial and the role of the media played a does not light, this is also an important cause of public outrage. The lee myung-bak government attitude to roh moo-hyun case change from arrogance to respect also don't have the right to dispute the meaning, the people eyes, I'm afraid of roh moo-hyun circumstance the rites can only have the effect of shattered glass. Speak words of conscience, and South Korea in recent history Kim young Sam, Kim dae-jung and roh moo-hyun three elected President should have strong faith, had no intention of corruption. Buy just because of their special position, was enough to has the plot are pervasive in the temptation to use all the chink in the wall. Their families may not have the consciousness, they are not necessarily strong in resistance to external temptation, so there is a fool or interested in playing dumb, let people exploiting the loopholes. Buy they say, if you fly don't drill seamless eggs, for the country top leaders, even a crack to the malefactors, is intolerable.
Open the handle of a nation is in you master, permit others to have a spark of peek and theft? Not to mention, huang nobles these days may be collusion with family or pretend confused, let the thieves become more proficient, steal treasures. Back ten thousand steps, even if really don't know, its oversight responsibility is not to diminish, and beside the person also sin not forgive. Hold positions of power, imagine if I love you not because of who you have a large number of social resources, benefits, and benevolent flies would not to bite you the egg.
Is, South Korea judicial organs should to Mr Roh case in line with the attitude of a consistent, cheap louis vuitton belts based on facts and take law as the criterion, an objective, fair and transparent manner in search roh moo-hyun, give the public a replacement of seeking truth from facts.
And should not such as swing, shaken by the will of the lee administration. Roh moo-hyun died, South Korea procuratorate always affected by the ruling party suspected of excessive investigation cases, which may contain the irregularities and illegal investigation measures; Mr Roh death, the judicial organs to stop investigating the roh moo-hyun case is in part of the government and the public opinion under the pressure of the compromise, a move that would palliative potential criminals, in fact has violated the rule of law spirit, for the public, this is and readers, is another form of crime. South Korea the independence of the judicature, civil everyone is equal before the law spirit of the rule of law will suffer a serious challenge, in the future nobody will ever believe their seriousness, rather them as coax children. The Korean public on Mr Roh suicide is dyed by the tragedy, the lack of big is not idea, impressive.
It shows that South Korea is faced with severe crisis of democracy. May intervention for the lee administration judicial persecution against former President roh moo-hyun is should be voiced strong opposition, and should be through legal channels to reflect the voice of the people, promote the truly independent judiciary. Buy was the public mood, be sympathetic, swayed by inciting certain political forces, as Mr Roh has admitted that the corruption of the plot to rectify, act as cannon fodder, against the government is highly intelligent behavior. The public should do is urged the justice department continues to roh moo-hyun, case investigation, in accordance with the law will be real case plainly made public.
In the final analysis, the root of the law is to protect the public interest of the country, is to ensure that a country public freedom equality basis, anyone may not use, neglect and violate it; As long as someone who tested, no principle of pardon, to head a GuoBing YouYi impose remedies, cheap louis vuitton belts can immediately, otherwise the wind of corruption is unstoppable, and that in some countries the coma. Public authorities have no reason to destroy constraints, constraints, the laws and make yourself the critical of the strong, for the best way to honor the dead, is the collective power of the public to the rulers and all political forces in the clear warning: people do not suddenly, intelligence bullied, law cannot breach, public opinion is not available! The root of the employment situation and fundamental (outline) Ding Dong on April 7, People Daily reported that premier wen jiabao talk about college students' employment problem, replica louis vuitton belts suggests that high-level attention to the employment problem.
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